Govt degree college Talwari-Tharali is located in a picturesque region harvested by Pinder River at its foothill in Chamoli district. At an altitude of 1760 m, the campus is surrounded by diverse vegetation and an awe-inspiring view of Trishul range of Himalayas. Nature has endowed the college area with enchanting greenery, fascinating sight and rare Deodar Trees (Himalayan Cedar).

The college came into existence in the year of 1997 after a long standing struggle by the local people. The College started with 12 undergraduate courses which comprised of Seven humanities and five science courses. Initially run in two tin sheds, the college has progressively acquired spacious and well planned buildings for the different approved UG and PG courses. Well equipped labs of the science departments compliment the college infrastructure greatly. Library of the College houses diversified books to satisfy the curious minds of young scholars.

The college has a vibrant in-house culture of debate, discussion and open ended dialogues. In the region of scattered population, the college boasts a currently enrolled strength of around 500 students who come from varied socio-economic backgrounds. Geographically, the institution attracts students from a radius of around 25 Km in the difficult terrain of central Himalayas.

A Decent teacher-student ratio of the college not only enhances the efficacy of teaching learning activities but also works towards the progression of student makes one on one interaction among the teachers and students possible. Traditionally women have been kept away from higher education in the remote less developed parts of the country due to inaccessibility and social backwardness. Being the only such institution in the border region of Chamoli-Bageshwar district and the female student share of over 80%, the college is playing a pivotal role towards women empowerment.

The aim of the college is to provide a platform for fulfilling the needs of rural areas of Chamoli district in Higher education and enrich the youth with practical experience and sound theoretical knowledge. Being a Government institution, the college not only imparts quality education to the students but also plays instrumental role in social, educational and cultural development of the region. The academic activities are complemented by various supplementary activities which include a range of sports and athletic events, NSS, Career Counseling and Pinder valley cultural fest.
At its youth of 25 , the college has embarked upon a journey to digitize itself and familiarize all the students with digital learning ecosystem. . Digital literacy has been identified by the college as one of the core areas to work upon rigorously.

The college is maintaining the quality of teaching-learning process by complying with the assessment parameters set by NAAC vis-à-vis teaching-learning and evaluation, research innovation and extension, infrastructure and learning resources, student support and progression, Institutional values and best practices. The college is also working to train the youth in various skills as accordance to NEP_2020.

कुल गीत

आई है हिमवन्त शिखर से।
सरस ज्ञान की सुर लहरी।
पर्वत-पर्वत घाटी-घाटी
ज्ञान पिपासू हैं आये
जैसे बढ़ती बनती जाती
पिण्डर नदी की नव लहरी। आई है

देवदारू के इन्ही द्रुमों से
बांज वनों की इसी छवि से
नये कलेवर लेकर ये
ज्ञान-अर्चना की देहरी। आयी है

नन्दा भी घूंघट पट से
पुलकित होकर देख रही
गिरिजा के आगन में गॅूजी
मधुर शारदा स्वर लहरी। आयी है

वह अजस्त्र ऊर्जा का सागर
वह अथाह अणुओं का त्रिशूल
प्रतिदिन प्रातः काल त्रिशूल
सूर्य रशमियों से कहती
आयी है हिमवन्त शिखर से
सरस ज्ञान की सुर लहरी। आयी है