Institutional Vision and Leadership

Vision and Mission

The vision and mission of the College is imbibed in our “College Logo” which reflects our core institutional values. At the bottom of the logo is inscribed “Swakarma Niratah Siddhi” (स्वकर्मनिरतःसिद्धि) that inspires to train the action youth in such a continuous way so that they could devote themselves to achieve their higher potential target/aim. Peaks of Himalayas symbolize to firm standing for social responsibility towards community development as well as nation- building. The “Book and Wi-Fi” symbolizes the holistic development of the young minds by creating the “Aura of Knowledge” not only by utilizing the books but also by igniting cerebellum the young towards technology and expanding their creativity through it. The Leaves in the logo symbolize the “growth for all” which is sustainable, organic and inspiring.


As a Government institution, its objective is to disseminate a standardized quality and value-oriented higher education to the students of geographically remote Pinder Valley of Chamoli, Uttarakhand since its establishment has forever been supportive and constructive in social, economical, educational and cultural development of the region. 


The mission of College is to fulfilling the educational aspirations and desire of the people of not only Pindar Valley but of adjacent Bageshwar district of Kumaun region. College and Endeavour’s to motivate the students, mostly hailing from rural areas, for higher living with creative thinking by developing inquisitive attitude and the skill orientation and enrich their own experiences of education through academic learning as well as extra-curricular activities. The College also takes steps to provide forum for students to sprout and nurture their intrinsic and acquired talents through teaching learning process throughout the year.


Courses offered

Note : Admission will be granted on the bases of Rules & Regulation set by SDS University, Uattrakhand.

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Uttrakhand Open University

Our college is the study and Examination centre of Uttrakhand Open University (UOU) with aim to provide distance learning education at is the undergraduate and postgraduate level. The college is successfully running the UOU courses from last 3 year and more than 500 students from the distinct area selected our college as the study and examination centre.